Woodstock 40th Anniversary Celebration Show

“The baffling history of mankind is full of obvious turning points and significant events: battles won, treaties signed, rulers elected or deposed, and now, seemingly, planets conquered. Equally important are the great groundswells of popular movements that affect the minds and values of a generation or more, not all of which can be neatly tied to a time and place.

Looking back upon the America of the ’60s, future historians may well search for the meaning of one such movement. It drew the public’s notice on the days and nights of Aug. 15 through 17, 1969, on the 600-acre farm of Max Yasgur in Bethel, N.Y. What took place at Bethel, ostensibly, was the Woodstock Music and Art Fair, which was billed by its youthful Manhattan promoters as “An Aquarian Exposition” of music and peace. It was that and more?much more. The festival turned out to be history’s largest happening. As the moment when the special culture of U.S. youth of the ’60s openly displayed its strength, appeal and power, it may well rank as one of the significant political and sociological events of the age.”   


woodstock poster

During the weekend of August 15th 2009, School of Rock locations across the nation will hold special concerts to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Woodstock Festival. In these events the youth of the 2000’s will demonstrate that the rock and roll torch of the 1960s has been firmly passed to a new generation. Here in the Washington DC area our celebration event will take on the special significance of being performed on the National Mall, site of historic 60’s events such as Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech.

This performance will be made more special by the inclusion of music of the bands, such as Led Zeppelin, that were invited to play at Woodstock but did not perform. See Woodstock as the festival organizers had originally hoped to present it!

Our show will be performed at the Sylvan Amphitheater, located just southeast of the Washington Monument. This 8-hour festival style show will take place on on August 15, 2009 from 10AM to 6PM and feature performances by our three local schools and the School of Rock All-Stars.

Download our Woodstock 40th Anniversary Poster in .pdf format.

To Commemmorate the Performance By Ravi Shankar and Alla Rakha …

During a time when America’s youth favored tolerance and expansion in all forms, they became greatly interested in Indian music, culture, and philosophy. Sitar player Ravi Shankar and tabla maestro Alla Rakha performed at Woodstock and became the focal point for the new interest in Indian music and culture. To commemmorate their performance, we are proud to announce that renowned Washington DC artists Dr. Brian Q. Silver (sitar) and Debu Nayak (tabla) will perform on our Woodstock celebration stage. Please check out more about Debu and Brian by clicking on the links below.

Don’t Miss Our Opening Mantra Chant …

The 1969 Woodstock festival was opened Sri Swami Satchidananda (also identified as Sri Gurudev) who led an opening Hindu prayer chant (“Om Shanthi” we are told). To ensure that our event is in complete cosmic and kharmic alignment with the original festival, we will begin with a mantra chant led by a representative of the Hindu American Foundation (HAF). Please check out more about HAF and their upcoming Hindu Awareness Week by clicking on the logo below.

… and Yoga and Breathing!

OK, if you’ve see the Woodstock DVD you know that during the festival there was a person leading the audience in doing some yoga stretching exercises. What a great idea! We’re fortunate to have the team at Beloved Yoga of Reston and Great Falls to help us out. Get ready to stretch, and don’t forget to breathe! Check out more about Beloved Yoga by clicking the link below.

From Our Official Woodstock Press Release

Forty years after music filled the air at Woodstock, a new generation of musicians is stepping up to pay tribute. In honor of the landmark 40th anniversary of the most famous event in rock history, kids from The School of Rock are taking the stage at 40 Woodstock tributes in festivals from New York City to Miami and Chicago to San Diego?all during the anniversary weekend (August 15th).

Officially sanctioned by Woodstock Ventures? Michael Lang, the 40 concert events will feature local kids from School of Rock branches around the country and will serve to pass the torch to a new generation of rockers, spreading the message of peace, love and rock ?n roll. The School of Rock kids will also be featured in the upcoming 2-hour documentary Woodstock: Now & Then set for broadcast in August on VH1 and The History Channel.

?It?s really about bringing Woodstock to the next generation,? said Woodstock founder Michael Lang. ?Roots are important, musical and cultural, and 40 years after the Festival, we?re thrilled to have kids from the Paul Green School of Rock join us as the youngest part of the Anniversary celebration.?

School of Rock founder Paul Green expressed his excitement as well, ?At the School of Rock, we believe that music and its enjoyment should not be limited by when it was created. We are truly honored to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Woodstock, a monumental musical and cultural event.?

In the 40 family-friendly School of Rock Woodstock tribute events, the sounds of rock ?n roll will ring out across the country?only this time played by fresh-faced kids decked in tie-dye, long hair and love beads.

Guidance to Woodstock Concert Attendees

A few notes of interest for those attending our show:

  • This show will be held RAIN OR SHINE! Come out and see us no matter what’s happening!
  • The Sylvan Amphitheater is located on the National Mall, at the Southeast corner (near the National Holocaust Memorial Museum) of the Mall near the Washington Monument
  • Consider carpooling or take Metro to avoid parking difficulties. Nearest Metro stop is Smithsonian.
  • Be ready for heat and/or rain.
  • If there is any risk of rain, a plastic rain poncho would be a good idea.
  • Please recognize that this is being held on National Parklands and our National Mall and plan and act accordingly.
  • We encourage you to bring your own picnic items, drink cooler, etc. Cooking, grills etc are not permitted on park grounds.
  • Alcohol is not permitted on park grounds.
  • Do bring a folding chair, blanket, etc to sit on. Pop-up tents are not allowed.
  • Bring sunscreen and hats.
  • Bring Frisbees or other amusements, but be sure to take them home with you.