TONY GRASSO Guitar Teacher/Show Director

tonyRaised on his parent’s rock & roll, Tony  was playing the guitar at six and jamming with his drumming brother Damien in elementary school.  Eventually they created the band Uncle Chunky at an open mic in 1990. “There’s really no good explanation for the name. Uncle Chunky was just a brain fart that sounded cool,” explains Tony who is lead guitar, vocalist and co-songwriter for the band.   Not happy to just groove, Tony  strives to write music that touches on the meaningful moments in life. “My brother and I are focused on songwriting that works from your head to your toes. We want our audience to move and be moved.”  Uncle Chunky has played hundreds of live shows at Washington’s best and worst live music venues including the 9:30 Club, Black Cat, various DC street festivals, and local colleges. “We’ve been called DC’s hardest working band. I don’t know about that, but I think we’ve played everywhere in the DC area and probably more than once.”  Tony also gigs out regularly with other bands and does a fair amount of acoustic work.   He’s been teaching guitar for many years and loves to see his students progress.