pnut_picA DC native, Ricardo “P”-Nut Johnson began his musical journey on the bass in the 5thgrade when he received his first instrument – a Sears electric guitar. He enjoyed the guitar but then he heard the bass in Rufus and Chaka Khan’s Sweet Thing and from that point on “P”-Nut knew he wanted to be a bass player.  Hearing of his new obsession, his uncle, a bass player in his own right, loaned him a bass and challenged him to see what he could learn by the time he got back from the road and the rest is history.

During his years in the D.C. area, “P”-Nut played with various groups in a variety of styles.  He played with the sensational vocal group Prim Degree, the cutting edge gospel group God’s Creation, vocalist Gloria Brown and blues great Memphis Gold.  In the 90’s “P”-Nut toured Europe with the blues legend Memphis Gold.  After years of playing on stage he decided to go get his music degree and attended the Music Tech College of Music, now called McNalley Smith, in Minneapolis MN.  After graduation he stayed in Minnesota for 10 years where was very active in the music scene and where he taught many aspiring musicians.  He played with the blues group The HooDoo Kings, the 12 piece group Arayastone,  the reggae mainstay Dred I Dred,  the funk band Down with Gravity,  jazz guitarist John Penny , and a host of others.  When you hear him play you get hints of the his influences like Bootsy, Jimi Hendrix, Parliament and Larry Graham to name a few.

“P”-Nut is a consummate bass player and works at his craft continuously.   In 2007 he attended Victor Wooten and Steve Bailey’s Bass at the Beach and later that year he also attended Victor Wooten’s Bass Nature Camp.  He learned many things at these camps and has integrated them into his playing and teaching.  Tired of the cold of Minnesota and homesick for the sights and sounds of D.C. “P”-nut moved back in the area in 2011. He has played with a number of groups since being back and is happy to be a part of the School Of Rock family.