KEVIN ELAM Piano/Keyboard Instructor

kevin_elam_picA multifaceted musician, Kevin has been studying and playing the piano since age 5.  The piano has always been his central passion, and although he plays guitar and other string instruments as well, he believes the piano is, of all the instruments, the one most capable of being a full vehicle for musical expression.  Needless to say, it is his favorite tool for exploring the musical realm, whether in composition, improvisation, or performing written music.

Kevin enjoys all genres of music and is currently majoring in Jazz Studies at George Mason University. He studies piano with renowned DC-area jazz pianist Wade Beach. When not teaching at School of Rock or practicing, Kevin can be found performing at various DC Area restaurants, bars, weddings, church functions, and, oh yeah, he sings and teaches voice too.   Kevin has a keen interest in singing, and has performed as a soloist with GMU choirs. Along with his interest in jazz, Kevin enthusiastically pursues Irish traditional music, and performs with Irish bands in the Northern Virginia area.