JAHREL PICKENS Keyboard/Piano Instructor

jahrel_pickens_0There was always a piano in the home for Jahrel Pickens.  He remembers his mom playing classical pieces with the metronome going, every day.  Slowly, he began to study the music that grabbed him.  First, came the blues.  At age 15. he formed a band with his brother & the Berent family(which consisted of 3 brothers).  They spent the next two years playing clubs around Houston, Texas & rehearsing every day.  At 18, Jahrel went off to college at the University of Texas at Austin & fell in love with the music scene.  Any day of the week you could hear the most amazing musicians.  He was introduced to jazz music & started taking private lessons with pianist Rich Harney. In 2005 Jahrel became a founding member of the Austin music co-op, a 22 room living space with a stage for performances, a recording studio & a promotions lab.

By 2012 he was playing 6 nights a week with a country blues band.  In the summer of 2012 Jahrel moved to D.C.  He has played with artists as diverse as Karl Alvarez(bass, the descendents) & Richard Carson(drums,Sun Ra Arkestra) His favorite quote comes from Ray Charles “I never wanted to be famous, I just wanted to be great!”