We Didn’t Start the Fire: A Benefit Concert for the Tipped Employees of the Georgia Ave Bonifant St Fire

As we trust you all know, there was a terrible fire on March 18th that destroyed three restaurants in minutes in Downtown Silver Spring, one of which is our beloved Quarry House Tavern. quarry houseWhen restaurant employees don’t work, they don’t get paid, and rent is right around the corner, so School Of Rock Silver Spring is opening its main rehearsal room, ‘The Mothership’, to local bands and our own student bands, who all have played the Quarry House beer storage area, and loved every memory among the cases (and blocking the ladies room) while playing music for the community, and we couldn’t be more excited.

SAT MARCH 28th Live music will go from 12noon – 12midnight.
School of Rock Silver Spring
8634 Colesville Road
$2 minimum donation, no maximum donation.
All ages.
No drugs or alcohol.
Free earplugs.

Rock on. Rock strong. We are what we make it, and it is made of us. We didn’t start the fire, no we didn’t light it, and we’ll band to fight it, right on. Come have some fun, see some incredible bands, and make a difference for those who’ve had a really rough week. See you then and there!