BRAD MACPHERSON Bass/ Guitar Sr. Instructor, Show Director, Rock 101 Director

brad_macBrad Macpherson teaches bass and guitar at the Ashburn and Vienna Schools of Rock along with directing shows and running the Rock 101 program in Ashburn. Brad Mac (as he is affectionately called by his students) bought his first bass at the age of thirteen. It was a Fender Squier bass, and despite the fact that the bass weighed roughly two-and-a-half tons, he started plugging away. Focusing mostly on blues, vintage rock, jazz, and old R&B, Brad learned the subtle art of playing in the pocket. When he discovered The Who, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and the like, he redoubled his efforts in order to capture a style of “lead” bass playing that lent itself to a more rocking sound. Around the start of high school, Brad discovered guitar and old-school punk and metal. He cut his teeth on Metallica, Minor Threat, Slayer, The Ramones, and Pantera- refining his style, and improving his song-writing technique. He has played in many bands with all styles of music and studied many of the Jazz and Blues standards that are the building blocks for today’s great rock music.

When Brad first started teaching music, it was simply a way to supplement his income. It wasn’t long, though, before he realized how fulfilling and fun it could be. It became his main gig and musical focus. Brad was hired by the School of Rock in 2009 and has really found his musical place. He enjoys every day at work (what’s that old adage about enjoying what you do and not really working?) and loves the philosophy of the School of Rock. Brad hopes to continue teaching today’s young musicians for as long as they wish to learn. When not teaching you can find Brad hanging with Sweet Pea his darling daughter or gigging with his latest band Corned Beef and Cabbage at local venues.