Ashburn Spring 2015 Show Line Up

Brit Rock
Tuesdays 6-9
Brad “The Jet” Macphersonkeep-calm-and-listen-british-rock-5

A veritable “who’s who” of rock and roll. We’re talking The Who, Zeppelin, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd- the list goes on. This will be the most varied show as far as skill level. Some of it will be a piece of delicious cake, some of it will be a… challenging delicious piece of cake. This show will have something good for everyone, and will be a throwback to our classic rock roots. Aw yiss.

All instruments, all skill levels welcome.

Kiss Alive
Wednesdays 6-9
Jake MimikosKiss Alive

KISS!!! The iconic, fire-breathing, blood-spitting, kabuki-painted hard rock stars!! KISS was always better known for their live shows than for their studio recordings, so this season we’ll attack “KISS ALIVE”, the 1975 double-disc contains the definitive version of the classic KISS anthem, “Rock and Roll All Nite”. An exciting performance will be required!!

All instruments, all skill levels welcome.

Power Trio Power Hour
Fridays 5-8
Brad “Redundantly Referred to as The Jet” Macpherson

The power trio is a unique and special element in the periodic table of rock music. It takes a lot of doing Power Trio Coverto make three players sound like the wall of sound that’s come to be expected from a rock band. This season, you will learn what goes into crafting that sound and making something memorable with limited resources. EVERY SONG WILL FEATURE ONLY THREE MUSICIANS. This means I need people that can play and sing. This doesn’t mean everyone has to play and sing, but it will be awesome if you do. Give it a shot.

All instruments, all skill levels welcome. Multi-instrumentalists and players who can sing are encouraged.