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Introducing School of Rock As Your Fundraising Partner

School of Rock would like to help you and your school as a local fundraising partner. Click on the notebook cover at right to get a few ideas, including possible donations for auctions or raffles, as well as our Rock The Schools Referral Program, which rewards $100 per student back to your school if they fundraising-kit enroll in School of Rock by using your school’s unique link.

Like you, School of Rock is a proud, active supporter of the children and families in our communities, and with our special focus on music education, we’d love to lend our support to your fundraising efforts with uniquely music-oriented activities. We strive to help support arts education in your school, and help reduce (at least in part) some of the burden placed on you and your volunteers around fundraising.

We look forward to working with you, The Fundraising Rock Star!


Rock The Schools Fundraising Program

All of our School of Rock locations are active in the community with fundraising for schools and charity organizations. Please check out our specific Spotlight fundraising programs for schools and charities, and also see our electronic press kit to learn more about having us perform at your school or charity event.

We Can Help You Meet Your PTA/PTO Fundraising Goals!

School of Rock offers 3 different ways to help you rock fundraising at your school:

  1. Referral Program – Get $100 whenever one of your students becomes one of ours
  2. Rock Concerts – We will come and play a free show at your fundraising event and add that special zing! All proceeds go to your fundraiser.
  3. We will give you a Rock & Roll donation for your school auction

For more information on our Rock the Schools program and how we can help Click Here (see fundraising kit)

Find the location nearest you and Let’s rock!